Alley Burger & Chili Trailer

Seattle restauranteur Marcus Charles reached out to me when he decided to open a food cart behind his Belltown neighborhood rock-n-roll bar, The JuJu Lounge.

Recognizing the opportunity to do something a little unconventional (and probably taking some inspiration from the 1988 arcade game "Bad Dudes") I suggested we build the identity around the idea of weapons you might encounter in an alley fight.

All illustrations and lettering were done quickly with a fat, black marker to capture the feeling of a cardboard sign you might find discarded in an alley.

Featured in UC.QUARTERLY by the fine folks at Under Consideration.

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“Corianton understands the power of a strong logo, and how innovative design is key to building buzz & brand awareness.”

— Marcus Charles, Owner of Alley Burger, Local 360 Cafe and Bar, and The Crocodile