Juju Joints

The JuJu Joint is a sleek, discreet, cannabis vaporizing e-joint that eliminates all of the hassle of traditional cannabis consumption; nothing to grind, spill, light, recharge, or change.

When the the founders came to me they had a rough sketch of an ancient African symbol called Adinkran Fern, which stands for endurance and resourcefulness. We liked that starting point, and all agreed that the name "JuJu" warranted some exploration into the visual world of voodoo and dark magic. We also agreed that the final product should look upscale and very refined, and challenge preconceptions about marijuana products, offering a clean, stylish alternative to the stigma-laden history of marijuana usage.

We worked together to identify all of the brand goals and packaging formats, and I went straight to work concocting an aesthetic image that circulated around the world of ancient rituals, tribal wisdom, with a big dash of luxury cologne.

The various packaging solutions were an exciting challenge, since the individual box also had to work in a display pack for dispensary countertops. We designed the stick with a little window so you can see the oil level, a small box with a window to see the product, and a 10-pack with a tear-off face that folded back into a die-cut display card.



“I've worked with big agencies in New York, Chicago and London, and Corianton’s work is truly world-class. He created an identity that embodies the market category, yet very clearly positions us as a premium brand apart from the others. Every single consumer, storeowner, and bud-tender that I've met have all commented on the design. He carried our original vision past our expectations and into the realm of serious brand recognition.”

Rick "Ranger" Stevens, Founder, JuJu Joints