Local 360 Cafe & Bar

Seattle restaurant Local 360 needed their visual identity built from the ground up, starting with a logo and extending through a coordinated system of signage, menus, and merchandise. The ethical foundation for the restaurant is to source the majority of their ingredients from a 360-mile radius of Seattle's Belltown neighborhood where they are located. Our aesthetic vision was to blend a turn-of-the-century mercantile vibe with a culinarily refined dining experience.

The resulting look is rustic, handcrafted, and elegant. The interior design reinforces this vision with subtle neutral tones, raw salvaged wood & steel beams. The print approach reinforces the brand principles by using locally hand-printed letterpress business cards and 100% recycled papers for all menus and signage.

As Local 360 expanded their reach towards the prepacked food market we worked closely to execute a system of products to be sold at the adjoining mercantile space and at select retail venues. My relationship with Local 360 continues as we develop their website and packaging for new food products.

WEBSITE: www.local360.org


“Corianton Hale is a highly credible designer with a keen sense of style. He takes the time to really understand the goals and parameters of a project, and works diligently until the end product rings true—not only to his great talent but to my original inspiration as well.”

— Marcus Charles,Owner of Local 360 Cafe and Bar,  The Crocodile, and Juju Joints