Paletteur is a boutique design firm specializing in high-end hospitality, restaurant, spa, and residential interiors. 

With over 30 combined years of experience at high-level firms like San Francisco's BAMO, Gino Castaño and David Lasker knew that when they joined forces to create Paletteur, they needed to boldly assert that their unique blend of luxury, drama, and history was a new voice in the hospitality and residential interior design field.

Paletteur’s impressive body of work illicits a emotional response; they create sensory experiences that evoke and stimulate. It was important to me to create a visual identity that had a bold, cinematic quality, and accurately reflected the ambition and sophistication of their combined goals.

True tastemakers and style leaders, Gino and David needed a logo, business cards, and website that conveyed their innovative new voice as a design team, but simultaneously rooted them with a sense of gravitas authorized by their impressive resumes.

After a thorough research and strategy phase, I began to construct a new visual direction for their company, one that explored elements of enduring quality, timeless sophistication, and bravery, with aesthetic details that convey precision and dedication.

Working with the fine gentlemen at Palettuer to help them realize their brand vision was a tremendous pleasure, and a very rewarding experience.



“Corianton was a pure pleasure to work with. We were ecstatic that he was able to listen to our vision and synthesize both of our personalities into a logo that embodied our signature style. His communication skills were second-to-none. Corianton demonstrated tremendous versatility interpreting our artistic vision, delivering an original aesthetic branding package that will help distinguish Paletteur from our competitors.”  

—Gino Castaño, Paletteur