Teentix Brand Overhaul

TeenTix is an incredible program that nurtures arts appreciation among Seattle's youth by providing access to city-wide arts events for merely $5 per ticket. I felt personally compelled to to contribute to this wonderful cause, and worked with Holly to create a drastic brand refresh and rebuild their website.

We rethought a lot of the messaging and instructions, and geared the content towards teens who might find the whole concept intimidating, as well as freshened up the look. It was also very important to strengthen the impression made on arts venues, who may be deciding whether or not to join the movement.

It was a great pleasure to help set TeenTix up with the right tools for the job at hand, and to watch their membership soar from the hundreds to the thousands!


“I am so grateful for all the time and creativity that Corianton has invested to make our dream real, and help us reach the big time!”

—Holly Arsenault, Executive Director, Teentix